Why Should You Use CTA Sentinel?

CTA filing and the US Treasury's FinCen Division can be confusing and incredibly stressful. During this challenging time, a dedicated and reliable attorney can make a significant difference in helping you to remain compliant with the law. When you're ready to file your BOI, we have the expertise that you need. 

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Experience is part of developing a successful law practice, and at CTA Sentinel, you get the skilled legal advice and representation you're looking for in CTA compliance.  

We have a thorough understanding of the Act and will guide you to ensure you declare correctly and with confidence. With exceptional legal skills, practical solutions, and professional integrity, CTA Sentinel works hard to help you abide by the law. 

CTA Sentinel prides itself on developing real connections with clients. We put complex legal issues into language that you can easily understand. We work hard to help our clients in every situation. We treat clients with respect and spend time to make sure that they fully understand the process they are going through.

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